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Dealing With A Sports Injury In Conshohocken PA

Youth and high school sports feature fierce competition. Your kids and teens leave everything out on the field and play their hearts out. Injuries are unfortunately part of the game, and finding reliable treatment for these sports-related injuries can be difficult.

Bringing your student-athletes to Conshohocken Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Conshohocken PA  gives you the best chiropractic sports therapy available, whether it be for your or for your child or teenage athlete. Our goal is to get you rehabbed and fully healed so you can get back out on the field in the best shape possible.

Our team of trained chiropractors will help address any youth sports injuries that your young athletes are enduring. We’ll work with them at our facility and develop rehabilitation programs for the office or at home to help strengthen the injured areas.

Sports Wellness Chiropractic

Once you come in for chiropractic sports therapy, the first item on the to-do list is identifying the problem area. Our team will help figure out the appropriate course of action moving forward and determine what kind of chiropractic rehab program will work best for sports-related injuries.

Sports injuries can vary wildly in terms of severity. Minor muscle pulls, soft tissue injuries, and full-on ACL and UCL tears are injuries that often come up in older teens and young adults as their bodies mature and use more force out on the field. Finding methods to provide therapy and treatment for all kinds of sports injuries is an essential part of our practice.

The most common youth sports injuries are knee-related injuries due to the high level of impact sports like basketball, soccer and football have on our knees. Kids and teens that are still growing and undergoing physical changes are at a higher risk of these injuries.

Instilling a routine of stretching before games, cross-training to strengthen areas prone to injuries, staying hydrated, and having a well-balanced diet can prevent injuries ahead of time. Our sports wellness chiropractic approach to rehab will help prepare athletes for taking the best care of their future on and off the field!

Sports Wellness Rehab

Chiropractic sports therapy has proven to be a beneficial tool during the rehabilitation process. We aim to give athletes the best therapy and treatment for their sports injuries. Taking a whole chiropractic approach to sports rehab helps both teens and adults recover quicker and get back onto the field faster.

Taking a sports wellness chiropractic approach to the rehabilitation process helps athletes get a better understanding of how to prepare for future games. Chiropractic sports therapy also allows athletes to address the underlying cause of their injury, instead of relying on prescription medication to provide surface-level discomfort.

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Among our many accomplishments, Dr. McCaffery and his team have taken care of the players of the Philadelphia Freedoms, the World Team Tennis League team owned by Billie Jean King! That year’s matches took place at Villanova and featured such pros as Venus Williams, Victoria Azarenka, and Andy Roddick. What a great testament to the care we give at Academy Injury and Health Center! It was indeed a goal accomplished as we move towards our goal of providing the best care to over 80% of our community. We’re with the pros!

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